Multiusi Tube Gel, 75ml.png


Alcohol 62% Hand Gel


Made in Italy

MULTIUSI SPRAY disinfectant Spray for ob

MULTIUSI SPRAY disinfectant Spray for fabrics, objects and surfaces,

150ml, Alcohol-based

Made in Italy

GERMOCID BASIC Spray, Bottle 750ml, .png

GERMOCID BASIC (Medical Grading) 

Alcohol-based disinfectant cleaner

Alcohol-based, Bottle 750ml

Made in Italy


GERMO Background & Product Description:

  • Germo has over 65 years history in Italy.

  • Since 1956 Germo formulates, tests and produces disinfectants, sterilants and detergents totally Made in Italy and certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, GMP, CE certificates, EN1500, EN14476......

  • Addressing to hospitals, clinics, home users and GDO, Germo created dedicated lines for every need.

  • Germo Factory operates since 1956 in its present location of Italy Cormano (Milano)

Germo exports disinfectants to

more than 20 countries in the world

Germo operates over 65years history,

all products are Made in Italy

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