Micro - Neurosurgical Instruments

Memory Clip Appl. Forceps STANDARD, 90mm

SMARTLINE micro scissors sh._sh

Leyla Retractor System

- made in Germany
- with CE and US FDA certificates
- available for autoclave sterilization
- raw materials used: Stainless steels (DIN EN ISO 7153-1)/ Titanium alloys (DIN ISO 5832-3)/ Aluminium alloys (DIN EN 573-3)
- special processing - Standard line: Surface polished, Black Line: Surface black, titanium-coated, Diamond Line: Jaw diamond dust coated

Aneurysm Clip System


more than 200 aneurysm clips of different shape, model and application, can be supplied sterile and non- sterile.


Micro Needle Holders


Tumor Grasping Forceps

Applying Forceps for Aneurysm Clip System

Micro Shaft Instruments,

Micro-Vessel Knives

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