Alcohol 62% Hand Gel, 75ml 

Germo Brand:

  • Germo Brand has over 65 years history in Italy Cormano (Milano).

  • Since 1956 Germo formulates, tests and produces disinfectants, sterilants and detergents

  • Totally Made in Italy and certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, with CE certificates, Europe Standard EN14476......

  • Addressing to hospitals, clinics, home users and GDO, Germo created dedicated lines for every need.



  • MULTIUSI GEL is a cleanser for hands in absence of water. It can be used in the domestic area, in the food sector and in hospitals.


  • Passes & approved by Europe EN14476It kills 99.9% Germs and bacteria & Viruses reducing the risk of infection (include Coronaviruses, viruses HIV, HBV, HCV adenovirus which causes respiratory illness)

  • 62%Alcohol with Patch Test (Prevent Allergy) & Challenge Test

  • Guarantee maximum hygiene and decontamination in few seconds

  • Lemon-scented colourless gel

  • Totally Made in Italy 

  • 75ml

Original Price: HK$ 42/pc

Now: HK$100 /3pcs


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